Become a Reseller

What is the Privacy Management Tool and how it can help us?

Most organizations are struggling with the requirements of the GDPR. As a reseller you can help your customers to start mapping and managing the data protection of the organization according to the regulation. You can be a member of their data protection project or sometimes they can manage it by themselves.

Are you offering Data Protection Officer as a Service?

If you are a data protection officer of your customer organization, then this tool is ideal solution for you. You can act as a DPO in several customers and manage each organization anywhere with the Privacy Management Tool.

Who needs the Privacy Management Tool?

Basically all organizations in EU have to consider GDPR at least somehow in their everyday tasks. Whenever personal data is processed or accessed, GDPR needs to be considered.

How business benefits from the Privacy Management Tool?

You and your customers can fulfill the requirements of the GDPR. By fulfilling the requirements of the GDPR, the organization is one step closer to more security oriented model of everyday work. This should be considered as an advantage and organization should use it also in their marketing. We all want to collaborate with organizations that we trust. And it's much easier to trust organizations that consider security as an essential part of everyday business.

How to start and when?

Please contact us and tell that you are interested in to become a reseller. You can contact our office by phone +358(0)20 798 1360, or by email to or by filling out the form below.

If you want to test it first, then you can start the evaluation period from the "Start using" -link.