Privacy Management Tool is for managing privacy in organization


  The Privacy Management Tool parses the complex data protection regulation into clear tasks.

  With the help of the Privacy Management Tool, you map, document and maintain the requirements of the data protection regulation in your organization.

  With the help of the Privacy Tool, you also handle the accountability.


The Privacy Management Tool guides you to act in accordance with the data protection regulation and when you use the Privacy Management Tool, you are entitled to use our GDPR Compliant certificate.


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Have you ever considered which are all the registers your company has?


Here below are some examples of personal data registers and information systems in which they are handled:


Most common registers in companies:

  • list of shareholders
  • employees
  • recruiting
  • work rosters
  • customer registers
  • partner registers
  • user registers of all information systems
  • visitors
  • access control incl. camera surveillance
  • registers for things to be signed (e.g. keys, cars)
  • registers for hobby associations, groups and networks

Commonly used information systems for registers:

  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • financial administration
  • marketing
  • email
  • web pages
  • workstations and personal data stored on them (e.g. Excel and Word lists)
  • paper lists
  • local servers
  • cloud servers
  • document management systems