How to get started

On this page, you will find a brief introduction to how you can easily start using the Privacy Management Tool.

Using the Privacy Management Tool for the first time

Begin by choosing “Start using”. 
In the future, you can log in under “Log in”. Please note that you will be logged out after three hours inactivity period.


When you register, you will be asked to provide your name, e-mail address and the name of the organisation.

Fill in the information and accept the terms of use so you can start the two (2) week trial free of charge. During the trial, you have access to the full functionality of the service. Testing the service does not bind you to anything and after the trial, you can easily continue use.

Notice that you can change the language of the tool between Finnish, Swedish and English. You can also fill in all information with any or all of the languages.


In case you forget your password, you can reset it under “Forgot password”.


Start from mapping

Start the mapping by recording all the registers of personal data, information systems, and processors of personal data in the organisation and the personnel responsible for them.

Add the registers and responsible users using the “+ Add New” button which can be found under “Mapping” and “Registers” on the navigation bar on the left. Repeat this step for the “Data systems” and “Processors of personal data” sections.


Once you have added the registers, data systems and processors of personal data, you can fill in additional information on each of the forms. Information is available on each section of the form to guide you and describe what each part of the form means.


You can leave the form at any point without filling in all the information as long as you remember to save the information you have already filled in at the end of the form.

After saving the form for the first time, you will be shown more options on the top right corner of the form, for example, “Print a privacy statement”, “New task” and "Translations".

The “New task” -button can be used to easily create new users for your organisation and share the responsibility of filling in details on the forms.

The "Translations" -button can be used to make translations e.g. for Register information. This is useful when you need to print out the privacy statement in other language also.

Ensuring data protection requirements are met - Tietosuoja kuntoon

  • With the mapping section, you can map registers, information systems, processors of personal data and registers, for which you are a processor of personal data.
  • With the section on risk management, you can review and assess the risks related to processing personal data.
  • With the events section, you will document requests from the data subjects, personal data breaches and contacts from authorities.
  • With the tasks and yearly planning sections you will create approaches that make it easy to ensure that all the required tasks are completed.



By recording all these measures the organisation fulfils the requirement set in the data protection regulation to demonstrate compliance. The Privacy Management Tool requires regular checks on the information provided and ensures that the documents are always up-to-date.